Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Perfect In Justice

Subject: Request for Congressional Investigation against illegal hirings of SAUSAs by Patrick Meehan, Republican. Congressional seat contestant for 7th District in Pennsylvania.

November 18, 2009

I write this to seek a congressional investigation for the illegal hiring of Special AUSA Mr. James Pavlock and others by Mr. Patrick Meehan during his term of office as a United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania from 2001-2008. Mr. Meehan is now running for the 7th district congressional seat in Pennsylvania.

The Executive Office of United States Attorneys (EOUSA) and the Office of Attorney Recruitment and Management Office(OARM) of the Department of Justice have confirmed to me after a long series of communications that Mr. Patrick Meehan had no authority to appoint Mr. James Pavlock as a Special AUSA for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. It is evident that Mr. Meehan appointed Mr. Pavlock based on political and ideological affiliations and to further his quest for witch hunts and Machiavellian prosecutions. Mr. James Pavlock, who had no previous litigation experience claimed himself to be 'senior trial attorney' and issued hundreds of illegal and punumbral subpoenas in normal investigations using the provisions of the USA PATRIOT ACT. When asked to disclose the subpoenas, he repeatedly denied the disclosure.

I request a prompt congressional investigation against Mr. Patrick Meehan and Mr. James Pavlock. It is the Congress, which carries the traditional power to expose malfeasance and malversation of public officials. Moreover, the public should be informed about licentious hirings of partisan votaries and interlopers by Mr. Meehan and the nefarious abuse of USA PATRIOT Act. Upon request, I will provide all the necessary documentary proof to the honorable members of the Congress.


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